Aug.2009 | We played a song at the Smoke Tiki Lounge along with Lisa Dewey.

Mar.2005 | We talked this night. Hiatus starts now. Time for a break. It's not a break up. No one is angry or hurt. Just tired, I guess. Cameron and Kirsten have been doing this for 10 years now. So we're going on a semi-permanent hiatus of an undetermined length. See you around.

Dec.2004 | So a year has clipped by and we've been at it with supporting this last album with all kinds of shows since its release. New tunes are knocking around in out heads, so it's time to get them dialed in, written, maybe even recorded. Might not hear from us for a bit while we take the time to work out some new songs.

Nov.2003 | On November 21, Andalusia celebrates the release of its second full length album, "around three in the morning" at San Jose's Blank Club. Details under Shows... Come to the party. Buy the new CD here or at the show.

Sep.19.03 | Today we leave for tour, click for details at right. For a blow by blow accounting from the tour diary...ah the feed from this blog has vanished. Alas, and no backup. I guess what happens on tour, stays on tour.

July.16.03 | We have finally posted pictures from the March tour. Also, a few pictures from the recording sessions.

June.22.03 | The next album is nearing completion. We'll be spending the next several weeks on the final tracks and mixing. look for the release date in the fall.

Mar.24.03 | We're back from the tour. read the tour diary. We will have pictures posted soon.

Jan.2003 | We are working on our new CD which should be out by the end of summer 2003. We are also getting ready for our 3-week tour in March.

Nov.2002 | "Such A Heavenly Eyesore" hits the airwaves. Again. With a boost from Howard Rosen promotions, Andalusia's first full length album from 2001 is getting some considerable college and commercial specialty show airplay. Call your local station and ask 'em to play it more.

Oct.10.02 | Metro Magazine: Kirsten wins "Best Local Bassist" in Metro's Best Of 2002 Reader's Poll!

Sep.01.02 | Pictures are up from the Southern California tour.

Jun.21.02 | Andalusia's song "Beneath the Clover" from the CD "Such a Heavenly Eyesore" is featured on the first episode of MTV's Road Rules, Season 11.

Jun.19.02 | BUY A T-SHIRT! [the store is down. contact us via email if you want a shirt: mail at andalusia dot net]

Jun.09.02 | Andalusia finds its voice. Download the new sound of Suzi singing on the brand new Andalusia track "ghosts" (4.5MB MP3 file).